This initiative goes beyond energy and focuses on optimizing the way we move, connect and care for our environment, promoting a cleaner, more efficient and connected future.

At AvantForce, we are leading the way to smart mobility with our SmartMobility solution.

The Smart Mobility Lab located in Bilbao, is testing the latest innovation projects in electric car charging. The aim of this pioneering installation is not only to test the feasibility of integrating new models of electric chargers into our intelligent mobility system, but also to update the equipment we already have on the market with constant charging and communication tests.

For this purpose, the laboratory has a total of 400 kW total potential and 30 recharging points of different powers, allowing the testing of all types of systems: domestic, public or company installations.

Smaller Footprint
of Carbon

Opting for sustainable mobility practices and electric vehicles significantly reduces greenhouse gas emissions, contributing to the fight against climate change.

Improvement of the
Air Quality

By reducing the use of internal combustion vehicles, we improve air quality and people's health, especially in densely populated urban areas.


Leading the evolution toward smarter, more sustainable mobility. We are committed to empowering businesses and communities to adopt responsible, connected and environmentally friendly mobility practices.