Electricity and Gas

If you prefer, we can advise you on the electricity and gas tariff that best suits your needs.

Get the
best price

Contract online and get the best price. Don't worry about market variations.

Without permanence

You can change your Plan at any time. You decide.

Electronic Invoice

Comfortable, safe, immediate,... but above all, ecological. The planet will thank us for it.

Light services and plans

Stable Plan

If you don't stop day or night, you can now pay the same at all times.

Online Plan

Benefit from lower prices through a fast, simple and easy online process.

Night Plan

Take advantage of the night and until mid-morning to save on consumption.

Family Plan

Take advantage of those hours you spend with your loved ones to save on your consumption.

Choose 8 Hours Plan

Choose the 8 hours of the day during which you want to save on your consumption.

Summer Plan

If you enjoy your second home during the warmer months, the Summer Plan is for you.

Winter Plan

If you enjoy your second home during the colder months, the Winter Plan is for you.

Electric Vehicle Plan

If you like to take care of the environment while driving, this is the plan for you.

Solar Plan

If you want to enjoy producing your own energy, this Plan is made for you.

Plan 3 Periods

With this Plan you will consume more efficiently and help with the energy challenge.

Always Stable Plan

Enjoy the peace of mind of paying the same amount every month with a personalized installment based on your consumption habits.

Gas services and plans

Home Gas Plan

If you consume less than 50,000 kWh per year, this is your Plan. Practically all households have this consumption.

Gas Plan 2nd home

Going to the beach or the mountains? Wherever you go, take the best gas offer for your second home with you.

Always Stable Plan

If you want the peace of mind of paying the same every month, the Always Stable Plan offers you a personalized installment calculated based on your consumption habits.